Cessation of Jozi Pointsmen Services from 01 September 2019


It is with deep regret that Traffic Freeflow, the company who provide Pointsmen services to the motorists and the City of Johannesburg, may not continue to do so in the absence of an extension or tender having been awarded to them. Traffic Freeflow, funded solely by private enterprise, submitted a tender to continue providing the free to the City of Johannesburg services on the 20th of November 2018, which is still under review and unclear if, or when it will be awarded.

The company has been operating on extensions granted by the City of Johannesburg since 01 September 2018. In the absence of an award or further extension to our existing contract A625, we would be in contravention of the National Road Traffic Act if we were to continue providing uninterrupted services.

Bheki Zondo, CEO and majority shareholder of Traffic Freeflow comments “We apologise profusely for any inconvenience caused to both the motorists as well as our sponsors, but we are strictly governed by various Acts and the Service Level Agreement with the City of Johannesburg and are unable to continue providing uninterrupted services unless we have a lawful instruction to do so. Employment contracts have ended in line with the fixed term end date.”

The operations within the City of Tshwane remained unaffected.

31 August ’18 - Tender A625 awarded to Traffic Freeflow expires
23 August ’18 - CoJ announced that the TFF contract would not be renewed
28 August ’18 - CoJ announces they will be publishing a new tender
31 August ’18 - 6-month extension granted to TFF effective 01 Sep ’18 – 28 Feb ’19 
24 October ’18 - Tender is published – due date 28/02/2019
20 November ’18 - TFF submits tender documentation in full
27 February ’19 - 3-month extension granted to TFF effective 01 Mar ’19 – 31 May ’19 
28 May ’19 - 3 Month extension granted to TFF effective 01 Jun ’19 – 31 Aug ’19 
14 August ’19 - CoJ advises tender documents require additional info
16 August ’19 - Additional info provided
31 August ’19 - Extension expired with no further lawful instruction to continue.

Traffic Freeflow fact file:
  • Traffic Freeflow is a black owned, South African company that has kept the Gauteng roads safe, and alleviated traffic congestion over the past 14 years through its Pointsmen Project.
  • Traffic Freeflow was started as a job-creation program, aimed at developing previously disadvantaged and unemployed youth, and training ground for potential JMPD intakes.
  • Traffic Freeflow is a Level 2 BBBEE company. The Chief Executive Officer, Bheki Zondo is the majority shareholder
  • Traffic Freeflow employed 161 Pointsmen and 9 support staff and managers in Johannesburg
  • Traffic Freeflow is required to go through a tender process to provide the free service to the City.
  • Funding for the project is provided monthly for services rendered, solely by private enterprise.
  • OUTsurance was the first and remains the largest sponsor of the project, together with 35 othersponsors.
  • Traffic Freeflow operates within the confines of the Service Level Agreement as laid out for and between Traffic Freeflow and the City of Johannesburg.
  • Benefits to the Pointsmen included:
    • An hourly rate of R67,39 per hour on weekdays, 1,5 times the rate on Saturdays and 2 x the rate on Sundays.
    • Income Protector policies paying up to 75% on their salary in the event of injury on duty payable up to 2 years
    • Life and funeral policies
    • Treatment at private hospitals in the event of an injury on duty o Performance bonuses payable at the discretion of the company o Skills development training
    • UIF