Welcome to Traffic FreeFlow!

We are committed to being

the most professional service provider for the relief of traffic congestion in South Africa

 ensuring that our Static and Mobile Pointsmen and Staff Members are nurtured, developed and empowered through a compassionate, micro-managed organisation.

The result is a safer working environment for the Staff and reduced congestion for the Motorists. Our Sponsors enjoy a significantly increased brand equity together with a worthy, measurable, visible Corporate Social Responsibility Investment through the association with the project. The Public Sector receives the direct benefit of support at no additional cost to them. 



Cessation of Jozi Pointsmen Services from 01 September 2019

It is with deep regret that Traffic Freeflow, the company who provide Pointsmen services to the motorists and the City of Johannesburg, may not continue to do so in the absence of an extension or tender having been awarded to them.