About Us

Traffic FreeFlow is an independent company which owns and manages the "Pointsment Project" currently operating in the Cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane. We aim to alleviate traffic congestion by providing highly trained, dedicated and passionate Pointsmen and Pointswomen.

Since the introduction of the "Pointsmen Project" back in 2005, thousands of motorists around South Africa have come to rely on our assistance. There are two types of Pointsmen: Static Pointsmen, who are assigned to specific high-traffic intersections and Mobile Pointsmen, who are dispatched on motorcycles to traffic hot spots at a moment's notice, and are thus able to respond quickly to major intersections that are experiencing faulty/malfunctioning traffic signals. These men and women are truly passionate about making your daily commute as stress-free as possible – You'll recognise them by their bright-yellow bibs, toothy grins and friendly demeanour!

Mission Statement

Traffic FreeFlow is committed to being the most professional service provider for relief of traffic congestion in South Africa; contributing toward road safety and creating job opportunities in underprivileged communities. 

Our Pointsmen and Staff Members shall be nurtured, trained and empowered through a compassionate micro-managed organisation. Sponsors will enjoy significantly increased brand equity together with a worthy, measurable, visible Corporate Social Responsibility Investment through the association with the project. The Municipality benefits by freeing up much needed law enforcement officers from attending to traffic congestion and focusing rather on reducing criminal activities. The Public Sector receives the direct benefit of support from our dedicated and passionate Staff at no additional cost to them.


Gauteng has one of the country's highest traffic densities and consequently one of the highest road fatality rates. Factors that have contributed to serious traffic congestion in Gauteng over the past decade are:

  • A developing economy
  • Traffic signal upgrades
  • Exponential growth in both commercial and residential developments
  • The ongoing construction on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system
  • Ever-increasing new vehicle sales
  • Unplanned power outages
  • A lack of road infrastructure development and upgrades.

August 2005 - Launch of static team
August 2005 saw the introduction of Traffic FreeFlow's unique Pointsmen Project. 21 Pointsmen were strategically placed at high-volume intersections within JMPD boundaries, requiring traffic signals. These points were identified by JMPD, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and motorists.

October 2006 - Launch of Mobile Team
In October 2006, a team of ten mobile Pointsmen were trained and licensed to ride motorcycles to further alleviate the City's congested roads. At this juncture, Talk Radio 702 joined the project as its media partner. It is a strategic partnership because motorists regularly provide the station's traffic desk with information regarding prevailing traffic conditions which is then provided to Traffic FreeFlow's Ops Centre. Information from the Talk Radio 702 traffic desk; information from the JMPD control centre; the JRA hotline and Trafficnet is passed on to the Traffic FreeFlow Operations Centre and ensures that the Mobile Pointsmen are dispatched via motorcycles on time to minimise traffic delays. In August 2007 this team was increased to 15 members and in May 2008 to 25 Pointsmen. The Traffic FreeFlow Pointsmen Initiative is the first of its kind in terms of Public Private Partnerships and not only contributes to the upliftment of people from underprivileged communities through skills development, but has proven to be a sustainable solution to the improvement of traffic flow on Gauteng roads.